The 5 Greatest Video Game Soundtracks Ever

grand theft auto v

It occurred to me the other day while sitting down and playing video games on my xBox (One for the gamers) that video game soundtracks are more often than not, pretty badass. Be it blasting away noobs in Call of Duty or whacking zombies in Dead Rising you’ve got to have an appropriate soundtrack that just works with the action, be it the simple nature of the game or its open world environment, it just needs to work.

This seemed like a better time than ever to take a wider look at both classic and new games that have already used electronic sounds to create something special that has lasted or will last the years to come. If a young gamer can take something from the Tetris theme song or appreciate a Flying Lotus beat from Grand Theft Auto V and use it somehow in their lives, they must be doing something right.

Furthermore with the explosion of electronic dance music globally we think it’d be pretty great if some artists both old and new were more involved in the creation of game soundtracks, no doubt stars like Dash Berlin or Flume could paint a moving picture in a racing game or Flosstradamus or Dillon Francis in a badass beat ‘em up. It’s all there!

Who would you want to see create a video game soundtrack? Did we miss any? Pop them below but be sure they include some electronic elements and they could make the second part of the series.

Those that want throwdown against us on xBox One add us, username: StoneyRoads

5. Super Mario Bros (1985)

Gotta start from the roots right? Although only 6 tracks long there aren’t many game theme songs that have had such a timeless nature, that is if you can stand the obnoxious dribble of Tetris. Composer and Nintendo employee Koji Kondo managed to knock two out of the park not only creating the iconic music for the side scroller but also for the legend of Zelda series – what a guy! Even without any classical training or dedication to music it was somewhat a miracle he managed to create the most memorable of them all “Ground Theme” for Super Mario Bro’s on an everyday piano. Check him slaying out the original tune live below.

4. Command & Conquer – Red Alert (1996)

Composer Frank Klepacki was only 17 when he started writing music for video games, although having scored a number it was the Command & Conquer series that really brought his talents to life. His knack for apocalyptic soundscapes that meld horrifying samples ie boots stomping & war chants with pulsating electronic rhythms led to the ‘Red Alert’ OST that sticks true to me from the countless hours I spent building Athena Tanks and attack dogs. Franks tools of the trade? An ASR-10 sampler, a Roland S760 sampler and a Roland JD-990 synth module.

3. Mortal Kombat (2011)

The biggest announcement for the 2011 leg of the Mortal Kombat series was the soundtrack with notable contributions from producers Run DMT, Bird Peterson, LA Riots and JFK of MSTRKRFT among others. With such a strong cast the game was somewhat overshadowed by the official soundtrack but did reveal some killer ideas, sort of like when Daft Punk tried their hand at the Tron OST. Goro’s theme was one that really stood out for us and helped us tear apart victims for a final fatality.

2. Titanfall (2014)

The newest game on the list is Titatanfall, a futuristic first person shooter that phases between human and mech combat so obviously there was going to be electronic elements in this one. Feeling more like a grown up Command & Conquer the sounds are developed to meet the standards of modern consoles. Uplifting, big, bold and deep, game composer Stephen Barton who also wrote the score for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare (the best in the series) has worked a treat in adding suspense and meat to an already impressive game.

1. Grand Theft Auto V (2013)

What can’t be said about the Grand Theft Auto V game let alone the gigantic track selection via the internal radio with 17 stations and 240 tracks equating to something like 30 non-stop hours of music! Both Soulwax and Flying Lotus managed to nab their own freakin’ stations while Cashmere Cat, Hudson Mohawke, Shadow Child, Aphex Twin, Stardust, DJ Mehdi, Miami Horror and many many more earned spots through the jam packed game of the year. Nothing like capping fools to “Windowlicker” – hell yeah!

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Armin Van Buuren cancels Chicago show after family death


As much a family man as he is a trance fiend, Armin Van Buuren has made the tricky decision to cancel his Armin Only show in Chicago this Thursday. The decision follows the death of his father-in-law, whom unfortunately lost a lengthy battle with cancer yesterday.

Full refunds will be made to all purchasers with greatest apologies from Van Buuren, who will be out of action until the funeral on Friday. The Armin Only show on April 19th in Toronto will not be affected.

As stated in a press release from the organisers of the Armin Only tour, ALDA Events and Live Nations;

Due to the recent passing of Armin van Buuren’s father-in-law after a lengthy battle with cancer, ALDA Events (the producer of Armin Only) and Live Nation regretfully announce that the show set to take place this Thursday, April 17th at United Center has been cancelled. Everything has been done to try and avoid this cancellation, however due to several factors this is not going to be possible. While Armin feels terrible about the cancellation, it is crucial for him to be with family this week leading up to the funeral this Friday.

ALDA Events, Live Nation, Armada Music and David Lewis Productions would like to express their sincere condolences to the family, and request that the privacy of the family be respected during this incredibly difficult time.

Refunds for the April 17th show are available at the point of purchase. The Armin Only tour will resume Saturday, April 19th in Toronto as planned.

At this time, we offer our greatest condolences to the legendary producer and his family.

ZHU ft. Sean Dee – Faded (Remix)


Enigmatic producer ZHU has been delighting with enthralling for the better part of this year, and has now been given the rap treatment on single ‘Faded’. With Georgia rapper Sean Dee taking to the mike on this one, lyrics resonate wonderfully in the track and give it a remixed edge. Stepping up our excitement for EP The Nightday - we’re holding our breaths for April 20th.

See the full track list for debut EP album here.

Get a free download of the track via SoundCloud below;

[via EDMtunes]

The Presets Are Found Spinning Around With Kylie Remix

kylie Minogue

Now we wouldn’t say we were excited, but is it ok to say we’re rather…intrigued by the new Kylie ablum?

Set for release on May 12th under Jay Z’s label Roc Nation (the same label that’s releasing Grimes’ upcoming offering – laydeeeeeez!), ‘Kiss Me Once’ has already caused chatter with the racy video for ‘Sexercise’ and now is getting the dance treatment from The Presets.

Re-imagining the track as an edgy electric-house mix with vocals transposed to the hizzay, ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’ (originally produced by Pharell) is not a bad remixed track at all. Although it might have old ‘locomotion’ fans locomoting right out of town – the mix up shows a pitch to the new generation, and we can dig it.

Showing their respect for Kylez, The Presets have been quoted stating,

“We have always had the upmost respect for Kylie as a pop star and an Australian Icon… After we DJed for her recently in Sydney she asked us to remix ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’, saying yes was a no brainer.”

Joining the single ‘Skirt’ produced by EDM heavyweight Chris Lake, the remix is another step showing Kylie’s foray into the future. Lets hope she follows up by jumping behind the decks on her upcoming ‘Kiss Me Once’ world tour – because that would be raaaaaaad.

Kyle The Presets

Listen to the remix here. 

[via Pulse Radio]

RUFUS Share Sexy Kaleidoscope Music Video For “Sundream”

Rufus Du Sol

Indie-dance lads RUFUS, or RUFUS Du Sol if you’re kicking it in the states or Europe have shared a music video for”Sundream” – one of our favourites from their debut ‘Atlas’  and just in time to remember the last rays of summer!

What starts out with a lovely bronzed lady lazing on a summery deckchair poolside soon turns to a magical kaleidascope’d world of tiny Tyrone’s, James’ and Jon’s spinning and slapping as colours blend and burst much like an outer worldy trip! The band ”recommend watching in HD fullscreen vibing out with all the lights off” so you’d better do as they say…

The fellas have been overseas chasing summer with shows at SXSW and through the states before returning for a ‘Worlds Within Worlds’ Australian headline tour with support from Hayden James who also laid down a badass remix of “Sundream” that of all things channels viola and Hip Hop patterns.

Dance overlord Diplo creates new SoundCloud to post ‘Diplo Approved Tunes’



(Photo: The Diplo ‘Smile of Approval’)

In another step to establish himself as the all-seeing-eye of emerging music, Diplo has created a new SoundCloud to repost ‘Diplo Approved Tunes’.

Already an authority on new music distribution – shown through the highly acclaimed Diplo and Friends on BBC1, and that cheeky little monster entity we all know as Mad Decent (have you checked out the BitTorrent bundle, holy smokes!), this move is just another in the Diplo-for-(delicious)-dictator campaign.

Opened yesterday, the account – described as; ‘new music, suggested and approved by Diplo’ – already features a host of tracks from artists inc. Mr. Little Jeans, Schoolboy Q. and the entire Say So EP from our very own Emoh Instead.

After having a thorough listen through the tracks handpicked by Mr. Diplo – it’s pretty easy to see that this guy has respect for a reason. Brother can sift through the shit to find some gems, giving some well earned publicity for some seriously dope emerging talent.

All hail Diplo! Access the full SoundCloud here.

Check out Diplo pick; DRiP by Tincup and Shroggy.


Four Tet to release three new 12″ as ‘Percussions’


Whether its been smashing us with an indian-influenced set at SXSW, turning Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album into an impromtu underground masterpiece or collaborating with Jamie xx and Terror Danjah – Four Tet (mortal name Keiran Hebden) has been a busy boi – and he’s about to get a whole lot busier.

Taking to Twitter as a busy man does – Hebden announced the creation of three new 12″, set for on the 28th of April under his record label Text Records.

Released under the Percussions alias, first off the mark are ‘KHLHI/Sext’ and ‘Ascii Bot/Blatant Water Cannon’, these will be available on vinyl only. Coming later is an EP from unknown entity Taraval titled Streetways, which will be available as a 12″ and digitally.

The fluffy haired legend also stated, “Special Pono 23bit mastered limited RSD versions coming soon.” But we’re skeptical on that one, you kidder.

So until the 28th, get the Four Tet fix with the glitchy and bewitchy ‘Blatant Water Cannon (TEXT 030B)’:

[via COS]

Snoop mashes EDM and hip hop with new project, ‘LA Party Machine’

Snoop Dogg Mac Miller Photography Australia Sydney Voena Anthony Berlangieri-32

Just when we were thinking it was time for a new spirit animal for the Dogg to inhabit –  come in, Snoop Raver.

After a string of dipping and dabbling in the foray of dance music – whether it might be sweating it out with David Guetta, funking out with Dâm FunK, illchin’ with Boys Noize or dropping ye olde’ Euro Tekno mixes – the list goes on. Always one for a reincarnation of sorts, Snoop is about to spearhead his own dance project that may have been influenced by Skrillex’s take on ‘Sexual Seducation’ back in 2011.

Self-described as an EDM and hip-hop love affair, the dogg-lion-zilla-whatever announced the project over instagram with the following image.


The caption states;

‘Comin soon. My new group!!!!!!!! EDM meets hip hop !! La Party Machine !!’

Crafty and cryptic as always, this is all the info that sneaky Snoop has given us for now, leaving us to question – what will Snoop pull out of the hat with this one?

Do you think he can make any headway for the emerging genre?

Barry O’Farrell Resigns After Alcohol Related Incident Linked To Corruption

Barry O'farrell

The Independent Commission Against Corruption has caught Barry O’Farrell lying and in turn forced him to resign as Premier of NSW today.

A corruption inquiry revealed that the Premier did receive a $3000 bottle of wine from Nick Di Girolamo, the head of a water company linked to the Obeid family that was tendered in ICAC today and led to the premier’s sensational resignation.

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 11.15.22 AM

After ‘categorically’ denying accepting any gift, the premier seems to have suffered from selective amnesia, quoting:

‘this has clearly been a significant memory fail on my part, albeit within weeks of coming to office, but I accept the consequences of my actions’

Tony Abbott has somewhat unusually honoured (?) Barry O’Farrell for his admission to corruption with a somewhat heroic leaving speech in saying

‘This is an honour and an integrity at a very high level. We are seeing an act of integrity, an act of honour, the like of which we have rarely seen in Australian politics. I admire him tremendously for this, although I deeply regret the necessity for it.’

Shit, hearing that from our Prime Minister is very disconcerting. Is he about to give O’Farrell Knighthood?

Listen to Dillon Francis’ Remix of Chromeo In Full

dillon francis soap box stoney roads voena anthony-64

Hell yeah! The Chromeo camp has given the green light for a full stream of Dillon Francis’ remix of “Jealous” (I Ain’t With It) to hit the internet after a successful test run at Ultra and Coachella Weekend One (stream 5 of our favourite sets here).

The remix is playful in the same vein as his collaborative cut with TEED and utilises the slappy bass and killer keys from the original, that was actually produced by Oliver before sterner handclaps, a big ole breakdown and a melodic build remind you this can very well be a peak time burner – not to mention the easy one minute intro for the DJs!

Chromeo’s hotly anticipated ‘White Women’ album will land May 14th, pre-order it here.