FKA Twigs debuts “Give Up” in New York

FKA Twigs just hit New York on her first US tour – and some of her first appearances in the states aside from her one SXSW performance – and she seized the opportunity to premiere a new song called “Give Up.” You can check out a fan-shot video that captures good-quality audio of the slow-burning, lovestruck number as well as Twigs‘ own charming dance moves – we can’t wait to hear a studio version so we can get a better taste of the beat, but Twigs‘ vocals are as heart-renderingly weird as on the best songs we’ve heard from her so far. Check it out and stay tuned – we’re expecting her debut album soon.

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Beastie Boys – Root Down [Cyclist Disco Mix]

BBoys x Cyclist


It’s not an easy task to take one of the baddest, grittiest, funkiest Beastie Boys tracks of all time & turn it into a balls out/tits out Disco classic.  But, with a bassline that the late, great Mr. Adam Yauch would’ve been proud of, that’s exactly what Cyclist has done with the classic Beastie Boys track “Root Down”.

Never let you down with the stereo sound
Cyclist get on the mix & TURN IT OUT


Little Daylight – “Overdose” (Future Islands remix)

We’ve been saying two things throughout 2014 so far – this is unquestionably the year of Future Islands, and it might just also be the year of Little Daylight. We’ll see if we’re right on part 2 when the latter’s debut drops on Capitol this summer, but for now you can check out the bands’ very fitting collaboration, Future Islands’ remix of Little Daylight’s simmering “Overdose.” We’re digging their take on the song – amping up the original’s woozy haze to eleven, the guys chill it out from a fist-pumping electro festival banger into something more suited for the inevitable dawn comedown. Check it out.

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Listen: Future & Andre 3000 – “Benz Friends (Whatchutola)”

When Future’s Honest went up for streaming earlier this week, we were a little disappointed that we couldn’t sample the whole record – conspicuously, the stream was missing “Benz Friends (Whatchutola),” the Andre 3000-featuring number that Future teased when he joined OutKast at Coachella. Luckily, you can check out the song now, and it’s definitely worth the wait, showcasing killer verses from both guys who clearly just don’t give a fuck about some girl’s Benz to the point where Andre insists he’d rather ride his bike or walk. That beat will be stuck in your head for days and we’ll be surprised if you don’t adopt some of the catchier lyrics into your everyday lexicon. As of now, it’s a definitive Honest standout for us. Check it out – remember, you can grab a physical copy of the record April 22.

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Listen: Blood Orange x a/jus/ted – “Uncle Ace”

a/jus/ted, a.k.a. Justin Strauss and Teddy Stewart (get it?), are producers and remixers who have been in the New York dance music game forever, but they’re making a huge wave this week with a remix for the very of-the-moment songwriter Dev Hynes, better known as Blood Orange – it’s their take on “Uncle Ace,” the heart-rendering ode to New York’s homeless LGBT kids from Hynes’ 2013 record Cupid Deluxe. The a/jus/ted remix stretches out over an exhilarating nine minutes into a serpentine late-night groove, with textured vocals and a moody vibe that perfectly fits the song’s oft-dark subject matter. Check it out.

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Listen: Percussions (Four Tet) – “Sext”

Four Tet’s just revealed that while he’s almost definitely not Burial (thanks to that adorable selfie), he definitely does have a side project / musical alter ego, Percussions, and he’ll release two 12″ records under this moniker via his own label TEXT. You can hear one of those songs now, “Sext” – like the best sexts, it’s really hot and really futuristic, sounding like an androidal sex club scene in a Ridley Scott movie. That vocal line that kicks in toward the latter third of the song when the bass backbeat starts to go on occasional palpitations is really something special. Check it out – then take a cold shower. You can grab both those 12″ records for TEXT on April 28th.

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mp3: La Sera, “Running Wild”

Katy Goodman’s taking the breakup of her longtime band Vivian Girls in stride – she’s gearing up to release her second LP as La SeraHour of the Dawn, in a few months via Hardly Art, and now you can sample her second single from it, the rollicking road anthem “Running Wild.” Over a sprawling, rapidly unspooling guitar riff, Goodman sings about having no place to go but home, and you can’t help but imagine driving into the sunset towards somewhere warm where you know all your friends will be waiting for you with beers around a campfire. Aww! Hour of the Dawn is out May 13th.

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James Blake debuted a new Jamie xx song

You may remember a few weeks ago, when we expressed some skepticism about a song James Blake played on his BBC Radio 1 residency called “Bloke” by an artist named Simon Tallywhacker who had absolutely no Google search results. So either we were dealing with a very underground genius, or with a secret alias. This week, Blake cleared that confusion up for us – he opens his show with the same song, but confirms its actually called “Girl,” by Jamie xx. Basically, it’s another excuse to listen again, but don’t worry – “Girl” will wind up on the same single as Jamie’s recently released “Sleep Sound,” so stay tuned.

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