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nu era - give it all

NU ERA and Four40 Records are back this time with Give It All an addictive new single which will shine through to the summer months. Capturing the warm vibes of garage, wrapped in glimmering piano house, the original sits well poolside and on shaking dancefloors.

The package also comes with a bass heavy mix of “Give It All” which rumbles as well as the original shines. Seriously big tune here.

Two additional originals “Source” and “Came Into My Life” round out the release with the former capable of lifting more heavy weight while the latter fairs much lighter with a slight disco flare.

Grab all four cuts on Juno.

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HIGH RANKIN has another EP on the go under his RAIN CITY RIOT pseudonym. The Burning EP is the first release on the label upstart, Love & Other. Through two originals and two remixes the EP follows the label’s mantra of forward-thinking deep, bass, and electronic beats.

With some simple keys and pitched vocals in the breakdowns, the title track builds to a clenching and cinematic, techy bass workout.

The b-side to the EP, “Eyes Closed,” is a bit more subdued and might be that perfect track to play at sunrise. It’s something to get the floor going after an entire night of raving.

Unfortunately we don’t have streams to share of the two remixes. HOSTAGE provides an intense and hypnotic rework of “Burning.” DVWLX has the standout cut here where he showcases perfectly balances simplicity and intricacy with his minimal yet deep technofied remix. Watch for these to drop on May 5, 2014.

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gorgon city here for you feat laura welsh

GORGON CITY‘s recent successes is tantamount of the duo’s quality production and quite possibly influenced by a cultural shift in people’s taste in music. The London boys, Matt and Kye (who you may know as RackNRuin and Foamo), continue with their rich garage-influenced production on their latest effort “‘Here For You’” featuring the sultry vocals of LAURA WELSH. Once again, they use their skills to perfectly encapsulate everything that is so exciting and vital about British dance music in 2014. “‘Here For You’” further establishes the pair as one of the most exciting and talented new acts in the ever-flourishing landscape of British club savvy pop and paves the way for the duo’s forthcoming debut album due later in the year.

Pre-order here

Gorgon City instantly became a favourite of mine upon hearing them a year ago. Check these, including a pair of free downloads, if you haven’t already.

Free download

Free download

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sanctuary april 19 2014

One of my favourite nights out in Winnipeg is undoubtedly Sanctuary. Every month the crew behind it pay tribute to the underground with some amazing local talent, showcasing house, techno, and broken beat. This month they celebrate their one-year anniversary and for the first time ever are bringing in an out of town headliner. From Regina, FATBOT will grace us with his house stylings. We’re in for a treat with both resident djs, JUSTIN KACE and REDWORM playing as well. Why not, it’s their party and they’ll play if they want to.

Saturday, April 19
The Loft (774 Corydon Avenue)
Tix: $5
Facebook event page

Sanctuary on Facebook
Fatbot on Soundcloud
Redworm on Soundcloud | Twitter
Justin Kace on Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


John Norman I’ve been so busy in the studio these days, that I forgot to publish my March chart before March ended! Not to worry though, it was worth waiting for. Here are 10 top techno tunes really grooving things right now in my books.



1. Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song (Original Mix) [Noice Music]
Obviously many artists are paying tribute to the House Music godfather right now, and I definitely wanted to offer my thoughts. I hadn’t heard this tune in years, and then all of a sudden last summer it was played while I sat looking out over the ocean in Ibiza – just the perfect tune in the perfect moment. Thank you for the music, FK always.

2. Moderat – Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettman Remix) [50 Weapons]
I am utterly obsessed with this track right now. The severe beats and white noise coupled with soft vocals make it unreal.

3. Sasha Carassi – Vection (Original Mix) [Bedrock]
Bedrock has been in a darker place recently, and I am a huge fan. Up here is Sasha Carassi with a blippy dark techno tune – great synth stabs and super fun rhythm.

4. Steve Parker – System 22 (Original Mix) [Ovum]
This one is dark and brooding, serious techno business from Steve Parker. Definitely love when the super high electronics-sound comes piercing through!

5. Carlo Lio – Love Nation (Original Mix) [Intec]
I love this one because you can simultaneously sing along with the housey vocal, and rock a nice jackin techno walk.

6. Matt Sassari – Polyethers (Original Mix) [Comade Music]
Honestly, Matt Sassari is the next man-of-the-moment if you ask me. The dark pulse under the bottom of this tune is sick, creating a really nice texture as the vocal comes in.

7. Red Square – Dark Roast (Dantiez Saunderson & Deep Slice Remix) [Different is Different]
The original by Red Square is a sweet tune, however the remix from Dantiez Saunderson & Deep Slice really does it for me with the wiggly sounding synth line and a snappy snare drum, followed by speaker-smashing darkness.

8. John Norman & Dantiez Saunderson – Stuck In My Mind (P-Ben Remix) [KMS]
This was one of the 3 remixes to come out on my debut release with KMS, after the original, dub mix, and Kevin Saunderson’s curator’s edit. P-Ben adds a great funk on this remix – check it out!

9. Xell & Howld – Glost (Original Mix) [1605]
There an almost disco-techno feel to this tune. Super fun!

10. Etai Tarazi – All Work No Play (Original Mix) [Transmit]
Also pretty high on my list of up and coming producers right now is Etai Tarazi. The guy is everywhere! No-nonsense dark techno to stomp out.

John Norman Beatport Chart


off recordings offspin019

The always awaited Collected Works series from OFF Recordings OFFSPIN catalogue keeps growing. In the 19th installment the label assembled yet another all-star team including VANILLA ACEHECTOR COUTO, FORRESTRAFFA FL, RUBEN MANDELONI, and ICS. Catch the Soundcloud preview of the full EP below or scroll down for the full tracks

Grab the mp3s on beatport or the vinyl on

Kicking off the EP London’s Vanilla Ace delivers “Work On You,” a garage-tinted, bassy stomper. Swinging high hats and a well-placed vocal sample round out the tune for what is arguably the standout track.

Hector Couto has been another go-to producer for me. On “Satisfied” he runs deep, capturing a more traditional essence of deep house, with Forrest providing the vocals.

“Work That” is the work of a pair of Italian producers, Ruben Mandolini and Raffa FL. In this collaboration the two punch out a minimal, jacking number equipped with a few piano licks and strings for any aficionado of the underground.

Lastly, Romania’s ICS drops “Giv’em” maneuvers into g-house territory. The vocal sample parallels a deep and funky bassline for yet another quality release from the OFF family.

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sanctuary march 22 2014

Super stoked for the next Sanctuary. It might have something to do with the fact that I get to play, but also because it’s one of the most intimate club nights Winnipeg has going.

Saturday, March 22
The Loft 774 Corydon Avenue
Tix: $5
Facebook event page

The evening will be curated by a few old timers. KRISCO might play some jungle and drum n bass, or he could play the 4/4 rhythms. Who knows.

ALEXANDER KRYGSVELD, who regularly pays tribute to the underground at Back2House, will grace the decks. A set from ANDREW YANKIWSKI, producer and audio engineer from Precursor Productions, promises to bring sonic delights as well.

I’m having a difficult time figuring out what I’m going to play. The general theme will be deep in sonics and may go something like this…


orphans sthlm_123CUTS016

Here’s some feelgood house music from Stockholm’s ORPHANS STHLM. Out on one of my favourite labels, 12-3 Recordings which is arguably the most under-rated imprint out there, the two track release offers significant variety. The lead cut, “Chordux,” is what the definition of house should be: jovial, bouncy, and deep.

The second track, “Ripley,” is ripe with French flavours. Loopy and filtered this jam could seemingly find itself in the front of Bangalter’s crate.

12-3 on SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
Orphans STHLM on SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



Way, way back, before the turn of the millennium, I blasted Le Trigre’s debut record as loud and as often as I could. Energetic and political, this album was the soundtrack of my youth. After the spark fizzled, JD Samson moved on to his project with Men. Perhaps it was my age, but I didn’t actively engage with any of the new material. This changed a couple a couple of days ago, when I heard ANDRE CROM and CHI THANH‘s remix of “All The Way Thru.” Released on Crom’s label, OFF Recordings, the track was transformed into something almost unrecognizable. Deep and poppy, the new cut bounces into a 90s throwback with its synth stabs while propelling itself into every corner of the dancefloor.

Andre Crom on SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
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