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REC’D: Bernard + Edith – “Poppy” and “Spell on You”

The Manchester duo Bernard + Edith, who are actually named Nick and Greta, have been making waves in their native UK for a while now, but they’re poised bring that buzz across the pond with a fantastic 7″ single called “Poppy” via SWAYS Records. Fans of everyone from Kate Bush to FKA Twigs, stream “Poppy” and its b-side “Spell on You” and take notes – we love how Greta’s singular, operatically soaring vocals are layered, edited, and woven into a dense soundscape; the end product sounds like a dream on the border of a nightmare, like wandering through a gorgeous garden you can’t get out of. “Spell on You,” a kind of inspired interpolation of the classic Screamin’ Jay Hawkins jam, is just as good, a perfectly creepy slow-burner for the end of the night after just one too many of your preferred vice. Check out both songs and their attendant videos below.

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REC’D: PC Music’s Hannah Diamond, “Attachment”

Jerome LOL said it best when in his recent GvsB takeover he described what London based label/crew PC Music and leader Hannah Diamond were making as “Perfect British future pop.” Diamond’s newest single, “Attachment” is an apt introduction to her simple, wide-eyed brand of pop. It borders, sometimes quite dangerously, on kitsch, but it escapes this trap by putting on display some of the most bleeding edge sonics we’ve heard in a pop song all year.

PC Music feel like an exciting extension of the explosion of great pop tunes coming out of the UK right now, and just when that field is starting to feel a bit crowded with Disclosure imitators, PC are taking after SOPHIE, exploring weird, experimental takes on the cheesiest bubblegum pop songs of the 80s.

Check out a playlist of PC Music’s output so far, below:

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REC’D: Robyn & Röyksopp, “Do It Again” & “Every Little Thing”

At the end of next month, Robyn and Röyksopp will release a collaborative EP called Do It Again. Last week, Röyksopp shared a 90 second clip of a song called “Momentum” to tease the EP, but on Tuesday night two full songs from the release surfaced online, assuring fans of Body Talk that Robyn can still churn out instantly gratifying stompers like no one else. The title cut will easily earn the most replays out of the two, but moody torch song “Every Little Thing” doesn’t disappoint in the least.

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REC’D: White Lung, “Snake Jaw”

In a perfect marriage of song and publication, Rookie premiered White Lung’s new single single “Snake Jaw” this morning. It’s the second cut from the band’s forthcoming new album, Deep Fantasy, following the ferocious “Drown With The Monster.”

“Monster” was a step forward for the Vancouver punks, in terms making their loud, fast punk songs accessible. “Snake Jaw” takes that accessibility and pairs it with legit pop hooks that bring to mind Hole’s Live Through This, or some of Perfect Pussy’s prettier works.

Listen below; Deep Fantasy is out June 17 on Domino.

“Drown With The Monster”:

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REC’D: Owen Pallett, “Song For Five & Six”

If you’re anything like us, you loved Owen Pallett’s stunt has a poptimistic music theorist over at Slate. He’s so good as a brainsplaining pop music critic you might’ve forgotten he actually makes his own music. Shame on you, he was just nominated for an Oscar for his wonderful score for Spike Jonze’s Her.

Anyway, Here’s a heady new song/video from his forthcoming album, In Conflict, which is due out May 27 (unfortunately pushed back from its original May 13 date).

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REC’D: Jamie xx, “Girl”

The video for Jamie xx’s excellent new single, “Girl” takes his signature imagery of a slanted quadrilateral on a brightly colored background, and literally chops and screws it. Watch it below:

The new single is out May 5 on Young Turks. It’s backed by an equally arrest b-side track, “Sleep Sound.” If you haven’t seen the video to that song, you really should.

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