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Kaskade Gifts Another Album To Fans, Just Because!

Kaskade Crowd

Proving himself to be a pretty stand up guy – Kaskade follows the free release of his Ultra set with more goodies in the form of his 2008 bloody ripper of an album, ‘Strobelight Seduction’.

His 5th studio album, Kaskade has made all tracks available via his Youtube Channel. The album features 10 original hits showcasing his prog electric trademark sounds. Featured on the album is his smash collaboration with Deadmau5 (who just cant seem to stay out of trouble) ‘I Remember’ and his first Billboard #1 ‘Move for Me’.

In his bid to make his music free and available to all – the album joins ‘The Calm’, ‘The Moment’ and ‘It’s You, It’s Me’ for free downloading via Youtube. Onya’ Kas!

Check out his Ultra set below – where the Mormon DJ showed his big-house side. What do you think when you play the album and the Ultra set side by side?

‘Strobelight Seduction’ Tracklist:
1. Move For Me
2. Angel On My Shoulder
3. Back On You
4. Step One Two
5. Pose
6. I Remember
7. Borrowed Theme
8. I’ll Never Dream
9. One Heart
10. Your Love Is Black

Kaskade Ultra Set:

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Deadmau5 Invites Crack-Smoking Canadian Mayor Rob Ford For A Ride


How aboot it! We’ve seen some pretty rad “Deadmau5 Coffee Run(s)” over the last few months – but this would surely take the cake. A Canadian smorgasbord – Deadmau5 vs crack smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

The producer recently put the final touches on his “Purrari” – a Ferrari with a verrrryyy special paint job. Who else would you rather have riding shot gun than the notoriously loose big man who runs the town your cruising in ay!

Deadmau5′ has reportedly sent off the request while also been spotted cruising the mean streets of Toronto with fans snapping pics of the Ultra Music-troll including one stop outside City Hall. Ay ay ay.

All we can think of now is the striking similarities between Rob Ford and comedian Chris Farley and the potential for a nuclear meltdown while crusing in the purrari!

source: National Post

Deadmau5 Trolls Ultra Music Fans With Nursery Rhyme

deadmau5 cheese

In a you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it moment, Ultra Music festival ring-in and always controversial producer Deadmau5 – who stepped in for the hospitalised Swede Avicii who partied a little too hard in Miami it seems – has pulled one over a crowd in his headline slot at the 3-day dance music festival.

After building a serious head of steam in his set, Deadmau5 began what seemed like a mix into Martin Garrix’s bang0r “Animals” before the drop revealed it as funnymals Old McDonald edit of the big room tune, leaving fans clueless to what just happened.

In the video below in a cut of the live stream, you can see Joel literally kicking it around the main stage before basking in the glory of confusing the hell out of the massive kandi-raver crowd, telling them via a microphone “fuck I love that track” – us too! However…how’d he mix those tunes without being behind the decks? Suspicious.

Other Ultra news includes the more serious matter of fence jumpers who pushed over a fence and seriously injured a female security member who is now in critical condition in hospital. We hope for a quick recovery if possible and people behind the incident held accountable.

New Deadmau5 LP Will Force Listeners to Pull Their Head From Their Arse

Deadmau5 Australia

In typical deadmau5 fashion, we’ve got a fairly candid insight into the direction and processes behind his upcoming album release later this year, which is “ready to fucking go”. The release is slated to be a double disc featuring 25-tracks, that is likely to feature some fresh beats designed to lure in some unsuspecting fans – even potentially cracking the mainstream market with a couple of radio suitable pop tunes.

The man behind the mask attests that ”[he's] trying to just do an album that if you don’t know your fuckin’ head from your arse you’ll walk through the record store, see it and go, ‘Ah, this could be cool.” Musically he adds that that “there’s a couple of tracks on there that are quite radio-friendly, not even dance music, that I’m going to put out as singles just to attract that kind of shit. So it’s a long-game strategy at this point.”

The digital masters may be ready to roll, however we’ll have to sit tight for a little while as there’s a whole lot of “bullshit” that has to get done before we get the official release. “They have to run it through the marketing machine and the release schedule and what we’re going to do to ‘help push the album’ fucking bullshit. So I’m just gonna let them do that, but it takes more than two months.”

source: itm

Deadmau5 takes Indian pop lord on a ‘Coffee Run’


Adding another eccentric segment to his ‘Coffee Run’ internet series (where the elusive star gets cosy with hand picked guests over java), Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 went for a casual Lamborghini ride with Bollywood mogul Daler Mehndi when touring in India last week. Mehndi, whom joined the mau5 in the house at the Sunburn Festival, is a recording artist and seen as the father of Indian pop and for damn good reason (check out his vocal demonstration of indian instruments at 4.45).

In the car the two chew the fat – talking about the similarities between EDM and Bollywood, and just generally cruise in the way that only an emaciated EDM star and Indian pop prince can. What arises is some interesting comparisons between the two industries, such as Zimmerman’s questioning:

‘For me right, there’s good EDM and bad EDM – and I’ve been hearing you’ve made some claims there’s good Bollywood and bad bollywood – what’s the difference?’

To which Mehndi replies:

‘Good bollywood has meaningful lyrics and also some good messages from songs – for the audience, the new generation, for people, but these days bad bollywood – they cannot sing – they use auto tune and have bad lyrics’

We hear ya!

The whole conversation is interesting – and it’s refreshing to see a side of Deadmau5 that’s open and excited – not exactly what we’ve been expecting from him of late. After taking the Lamborghini up to 200/mph during their discussion, it would be a coffee run to remember…if they had found any coffee. They settle for lassi instead.

Check out the video below;

[via EDMTunes]

Listen to Deadmau5′s b2b Set With Richie Hawtin at SXSW

Hawtin Deadmau5

Froooooth! Here’s a proggy tech-house set set to steamroll you through a Monday with Future Music Festival headliner Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin going hard in a back-to-back session at SXSW in Austin, Texas last year.

After hearing Joel Zimmerman’s latest minimal tech single under the alias Testpilot for Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 Records, Hawtin released the set where the two locked horns for an hour and 40 minutes in a rare joint appearance back in 2013 outside of their ‘Talk, Techno and Technology’ keynote – the same keynote he branded the then current ‘EDM’ as “cookie-cutter stuff” – touche.

Performed back in March last year at Media Temple’s closing SXSW party, the set takes you through a journey of minimal and techy goodness generously served with Deadmau5 samples and Hawtin flair.