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Panteros666 – Hyper Reality

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There’s something viciously nostalgic about french house producer Panteros666 latest LP Hyper Reality. This new album released by one of my favorite labels, Bromance Records, seamlessly blends 90′s hardcore rave samples and dark house vibes, unquestionably inducing you into a convulsion of no return.  Hyper Reality converges into a musical concept like no other, there’s no doubt an alien abduction took place and the message is… DESTROY!

Panteros666 aka Victor Watel has spent years developing his cyber-pscychedelic aesthetic, cleverly molding genres from acid techno to future bass, and even some southern rap influences.  Expect drone-type vocal samples, steady bass lines, apocalyptic synths and just an overall invitation to another dimension. Definitely not an album for the faint of heart.  Check out the Hyper Reality mini mix and what Panteros666 crafted for his live shows… the future is here!

1. Hyper Reality
2. Porteciel
3. Euroshima
4. Planetary Wifi
5. Olymp X
6. Snaredrum Warfare
7. Zoo Magazine

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Umberto – Confrontations

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Matt Hill, better known as synth composer Umberto, gives us ‘Confrontations’- a lurid album jammed with an italo-disco/soundtrack-esque mood that will make you travel into a creepy foreign landscape once your eyelids shut.

Hill’s sounds in “Confrontations” are more defined from 70’s synth pop punctuations, relatively different than his three previous and more giallo directed productions. It’s impossible not to name drop horror genre maestro Dario Argento for all the imagery in the tracks, but mix it with some flickering Giorgio Morder disco and get caught in the hypnotic road trip Umberto wants you to ride.
Night Fantasy‘ opens the LP from the Kansas City native with an urgency to present us with a scene directly taken out from a VHS classic hidden in a $2 box, echoing voices and consistent dirty snares delivers a solid entrance. ‘Initial Revelation‘ continues with a more dramatic and almost video game allure, also haunting vocals that elevates within its 4/4 bass line. Darkness, anticipation and layers of deep synth are unveiled amongst the rest of the tracks which are highly recommended to play at a church in the middle of a post-apocalyptic desert with an impressive collection of knives, guns, bullets and other instruments of penetration. *>:) devil

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This post Umberto – Confrontations appeared first on Gotta Dance Dirty.