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[DOWNLOAD] Brillstein – Luke Whose Stocking

Friend of GDD  (actually who am I kidding, friend of near every music person ever to do anything in Los Angeles) Mike Brillstein, known to many as Thee Mike B, has been making house music. And it’s f**king good. Over the past year we’ve seen him foray into a new moniker as Brillstein, collabing with Play It Down boss and house champion Jesse Rose on tracks like “Shuffle The Paper” and “Good Wife”. I was hearing big dudes like Loco Dice slamming Shuffle The Paper in sets for months. As Brillstein, Mike B is a heavy-hitter, keeping elements in his tracks that punch you right in the stomach and leave a mark. This year he announced his debut LP on Jesse’s label, which gets released at the end of the month. For now, he’s dropped off a new original for free download. Should be a clear indicator of the smashing direction that the LP will head in – the first track of which just premiered over on Pulse Radio.

Get the download above, and be sure to nab your copy of Brillstein’s Back To Bed LP, which comes out on Play It Down on April 29.

Perera Elsewhere – Light Bulb (Shlohmo Remix)

Last year Perera Elsewhere dropped her debut album on FoF Music, a compelling 13-track EP of ‘off-kilter pop’ laden with vocals and minimal production that both seem heavily influenced by a yin and yang of moody and dream-like states. Now the Deluxe edition of her venture has dropped, this one containing all the original tracks as well as a brand new selection of remixes from the likes of Shlohmo, Benjamin Damage, Kyoto, and more. Each track from the album got a revisit, and cleverly enough FoF have put Shlohmo’s remix of “Light Bulb” up for stream on Soundcloud. Considerably more urgent sounding than the original, Shlohmo’s remix takes the track to his signature dark place – this time with a grinding repetition and siren-sounding synths.


gLAdiator – Assembly Line EP

I had the real pleasure of hanging out quite a bit with the gLAdiator boys last week in Miami, and after knowing Ian (readily donned with glasses and at least one bucket hat) from our original industry trench days I have to say I’m quite pleased to see how far they’ve come. April 1st marked the release of their gettup / party-burner EP Assembly Line on Fool’s Gold and I think they kinda nailed it with this one. gLAdiator’s honest approach to just having a genuine GOOD TIME is tangible from their presence on stage to the structure in their songs.

The EP begins with “Work” – a record set at the perfect pitch, tempo, and range to easily launch this into a category with other big festival anthems… “Sweat” takes a heavy nod towards A-Trak’s production style, with stuttering reverb toppling itself over disco-oriented chords. Then you have “Assembly Line” which is almost exactly what you’d expect it to be… a drippy and rolling track with various leads and growls, chants and twangs… you can tell the guys had fun with this one. Or it took them like six months. Who knows. Unsurprisingly the EP continues it’s well-structured progression and you dive right into “230 Feeling” which with a militant drum intro and whooping sirens inevitably means you’re not really going to bed til the sun comes out. And finally, “Weekend” takes trap music canons of hollow eastern-european influenced bells and chants like “Where my white girls at?” and cuts them into something interesting by the aid of a perfectly chopped vocal synth cry.

Overall I have to say a valiant effort from the guys, they cover a lot of ground here and amongst the heavy midst of various trap artists who’ve found solace in the super low-end or rampaging horns of the genre, gLAdiator take a welcomed seat right in the middle. It’s neither completely cheesy nor over-saturated, which is a simple nod to gLAdiator just having fun making what they want to make. Their honesty and effervescence as musicians will assuredly be what sustains them on the ever-changing map of dance music. Nice one, guys.

You can go buy the Assembly Line EP on Beatport or iTunes or wherever music is sold, and you can stream it below.

[Video] Bixel Boys – Bring It On

The Brothers Bix are back with their sophomore video from their sophomore EP, and in the true style and embrace of the #FREELIFE culture they so cheekily broadcast, it’s SPORTS. To be more specific, the video revolves around the Fab 5, who in their own way embrace the #FREELIFE style by being the Freshmen who champion their way to the top of everyone’s ‘talking about’ list. I see what you did there, Bixel Boys.

In true honor of #SPORTS and #FREELIFE, Bixel Boys have created a bracket competition for the NCAA Tournament. Top 3 winners of the bracket get a nice lil swag pack of merch, show tickets, and some super secret unannounced items. YOu can join in to the “Bixel vs. The World” over on here: Bixel vs. The World NCAA Tournament Bracket

Jesse Rose – The Whole Twelve Remixes

It seems as the time has finally come; Jesse Rose‘s massive undertaking of his 12×12 series finally ends with The Whole Twelve Remixes, a selection of (you guessed it) twelve brand new remixes from a grand selection of talented musicians in the game like Guti, Sebo K, Matthias Tanzmann, Ardalan, Doorly, and more. Each track from his album The Whole Twelve Inches got a nice little revisit from legends and newcomers alike, thickening the remix roster for Jesse’s label Play It Down by a hefty amount.

You can listen to all the remixes in the handy Soundcloud package below, preorder the album on iTunes by clicking HERE, or straight up go buy it right now on Beatport HERE.

As an added bonus, two new remixes are available for free downloads via their premiers on THUMP and XLR8R. Symbols’ angel Jaw Jam puts a softer edge on the bass-heavy ‘Underbelly’ and Blaine Lake takes Love The Feeling High to booming techno levels. Big.
Download Jaw Jam’s remix here: via XLR8R
Download Blaine Lake’s remix here: via THUMP

Kastle’s Debut Album Is Out Today and It’s Amazing

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It comes as little surprise that Kastle, a man who’s such an avid and exuberant pusher for music (his own, and his label’s), has just released his first full length album only a short three years after starting this musical project. With a mind-blowing flow of releases, remixes, mixtapes, and shows already in his repertoire, Kastle’s been one of the most useful and gracious advocates of the forward-thinking musical movement in the US. As many talented and unique artists as there are in the world, Kastle is one of very few who I can introduce to absolutely any one of my friends and have them fall hands-down in love with his music without failure.

Without much further ado, his self-titled album, out today on his label Symbols, is a genius piece of work that from the moment it starts to long after it ends takes your heart and your mind on an breath-taking journey that combines raw emotion with inviting melodies. With a range of talent (JMSN, Austin Paul, Reva DeVito to name a few) lending their voice to the album, the entire thing molds itself into a piece that in a sense is as timeless as the emotions it evokes.

I nearly cried listening to this album for the first time. Hell, if I hadn’t been sitting in the office I definitely would have. The album opener, “Stay Close,” is spectacularly engineered with soaring vocals from Austin Paul that embody what seems to be a repeating selfless message in Kastle’s work. As the album progresses, Kastle explores signature drum patterns, atmospheric synths, and pitch-shifts, but there’s more there: it’s an evolution. Kastle’s all grown up, and it shows. Though there’s been plenty of R&B influence in Kastle’s work, his original work with Domonique Porter & Armanni Reign on “Timeless” and newcomer Xavier on “Respiration” shines through. Tracks like “Circles” and “Into The Night” are very true-to-form Kastle tracks, styled in the way that is the reason many have come to appreciate Kastle’s production style. The album, like a good book, has its peaks and lulls, bits that you want to go over again and again, but in its entirety tells a story that will more likely be remembered as a whole versus its individual parts.

I’m sort of baffled as to how Kastle manages to make what, when it comes down to it, is ELECTRONIC music sound so insanely human. It’s raw, it’s dark, it’s heart-breaking, it’s blissful, it’s everything all at once. It’s internal – to a point where because it never once tries to be something it isn’t it ends up being relatable to anyone who listens. How do you pull off thought-provoking music with a computer and some electronic tools? Just ask Kastle.


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TONIGHT: PMR Records Presents Cyril Hahn + Special Guests

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The past few months have been an absolute flurry of activity for the young Canadian remix prodigy that is Cyril Hahn. With undeniably infectious takes on tracks from female crooners like Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey, his SoundCloud has hit massive play counts. It’s slowed R&B with pop sensibility… a danceable, oxytocin-laced fusion of groovy and catchy with touches of garage and UK vibes. Pretty much what every person with reasonable taste in music wants to put on their sex playlist. Who could be mad at that?

After his multitude of successes with his releases and mixes, he hit Europe for tour, and it’s finally that time for him to hit the states. Naturally it wouldn’t be a trip to the US without a stop in LA, which I am more than thrilled about. Having officially joined the AM Only roster, a whole North American tour in the works, and multitudes of Coachella friends in town, Cyril Hahn has much to be excited about for his show tonight at the Belasco. I can’t tell you who the special guests (YES, MORE THAN ONE!) are, but I can tell you it’s being presented by Goldenvoice (cough cough)… and you have two clues in the previous sentence. Oh yeah, I can also tell you that apart from Cyril Hahn guaranteed to provide some sexy jams this evening, the special guests are FUCKING AWESOME and you basically are a big dummy if you miss out.

Purchase tickets below, oh and if you’re on the fence about it (shame on you), go ahead and listen to the GDD Guest Mix he did to get you in the mood.



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The Dirt #111: Prince Club & Laura

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GDD has decided to put a new spin on our weekly Dirts, and instead of pairing up internally we’re branching out and pairing up with artists. So every Thursday, hop on board with us and some of our favorite artists – where you’ll get your weekly dose of 100% free tracks from us and a cool little selection of music that gives you a bit of insight into the minds of the DJs and producers you know and love.

I’ve partnered up with none other than one of my best friends, probably one of the funniest and coolest dudes in the business, the #10 gentleman on my Sexiest DJs list: Max from Prince Club. He’s the DJ version of Tom Hardy and smokes more than a chimney, and because of that we present his top 5 tracks to smoke to. Click the jump to see some of my favorite free tracks of the moment, and check out Max’s favorite stoner jams as well. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE: Laura’s Picks (6 Tracks)

Laura’s Picks:

Flume – Left Alone ft. Chet Faker (Ta-Ku Remix)

Pretty massive heater from Ta-Ku, who takes the remix to a more energetic level whilst keeping all of the charm and specialness of the original. There’s definitely news of Chet and Flume working together for more tracks so I’d keep an ear out for those two.

Dom Kennedy – My Type of Party (Brenmar Remix)

Brenmar never disappoints on the party jams and this one comes through even on its title. It’s almost become a signature Brenmar move to change the pace of his remixes pretty dramatically over the course of the track, it’s a sneaky little move that keeps things interesting. Well done, Brenmar, well done.

Miguel – Adorn (Poupon Remix)

Nothing like your good friend (who I met through Max, nonetheless) remixing one of your favorite artists right now. I thought I’d heard enough of this track on the radio but Poupon made it into a fresh tune to hear in the club.

Mount Kimbie – Made To Stray

My god I really love Mount Kimbie. Severely, severely underrated in the US these guys. This track combines cool and weird, ambient and bounce like only Mount Kimbie can. Sooooo goooooood.

Golden Boy – Do You

MadTech is well into their free release schedule, and with this one they deliver a house tune with a very old-school vibe, lots of crashing cymbals and that groovy house drum pattern we’ve all come so close with.

Delphic – This Momentary (Skreamix)

I love Skream for many reasons, and although I’m elated about his new disco/house path, I’m not going to lie and say I won’t miss his dubstep work. This Skreamix is an older one he did, he’s a machine when it comes to making music and thankfully that means quite a bit of free music, this one is a great example of such.

Max’s Picks – “5 Tracks To Get Stoned To”:

Obviously came up with this idea and then this list while stoned out of my mind. Salutations From the the far lands of Purple Kush Queen. Where the grass is soft and the people are kind. Good day.

J Dilla – Lightworks

Its Dilla. Nuff said.

Tonto Irie – It A Ring

For when you feel like blazing up and being BAD MAN. WHA GWAN.

Doobie Brothers – What A Fool Believes

They ARE called the Doobie Brothers.

Jai Paul – Jasmine

Now light up a Jai, Paul.

DJ Koze feat. Caribou – Track ID Anyone?

Because this whole album is worth getting stoned too. Plus I’m pretty sure DJ Koze is a massive stoner.


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For The LOLs with Louisahhh!!!

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One of my biggest delights in life is seeing a boss lady hold her own amongst a crew of dudes. Enter Louisahhh, the reigning queen of Bromance, a record label literally named with dudes in mind. After moving from down the street to the depths of Paris, I finally caught up with my fellow short-haired princess in Miami. After a lengthy and insightful lunch at The Standard, discussing the antics of the Bromance crew to the politics and progression of the industry, riding bikes and Avicii carts around South Beach, and an astoundingly ludicrous trip to Miami’s most infamous Hard 2 Leave strip club party, I left WMC as charmed as ever by one of the most soft-spoken yet commanding females I know. That could only mean one thing: get her on board for a LOLerview!

Check after the jump for a really delightful edition of For The LOLs, and make absolutely sure to check out her upcoming EP on Bromance, Transcend, out on the 22nd of April. It’s amazing.

1. What color is your unicorn?
He is turquoise and mirrored like a disco ball, and absolutely gigantic. When I’m having a hard time he nuzzles my head and breathes magic on me.

2. Last song that got stuck in your head?
‘Itty Bitty Cunty’ (B. Ames extended mix) ohmygod it is so good.

3. Most overrated thing about Paris?
The things that are applauded (art, food, music) generally deserve to be. The shortcomings that no one talks about include the postal system and the fact that a country that is so old and so good at so much can’t figure out a nice shower. You like, sit down in a tiny box and rinse yourself off with a handheld shower head until the hot water runs out (approx 3 minutes). It’s abhorrent. Get your shit together, Paris!

4. Favorite Bromance memory?
Whenever we have the chance to play as ‘Bromance All-Stars’, with everyone going back to back, is super fun. Also, the first time I played social club in 2011, Louis dropped ‘let the beat control your body’ for the first time (before it was even released) and the reaction was incredible. It was obvious we were onto something. The magic was tangible, I feel like my set from that night was also one of my best ever.

5. Coffee or Tea?
Tea unless I want a real punch in the face. Coffee makes me furious and anxious and I get very addicted to it, but sometimes I like to play with fire: not ‘do’ caffeine for a while and then order a quadruple espresso. The effect is magnificent, it feels insane.

6. One thing you wish your phone could do but doesn’t?

7. If you could build a house anywhere (on anything) in the world where would it be?
Techno Ranch. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere (wild, grassy bluffs overlooking an ocean) where I can train horses and trail run and make tracks and score films. This is a 20 year plan, anyway. Also involves a private jet. Let you know how it goes.

8. Most embarrassing childhood memory?
Oh man, I was a really awkward child/teen so choosing one is hard. Probably getting a sticky fly strip stuck in my hair, which at the time, went down to my waist. This was in front of the guy I had a crush on. Absolutely repulsive and mortifying!

9. I can’t go a day without:
My somewhat bizarre and highly specific morning ritual. I like to wake up, eat a protein bar and drink caffeine, answer emails (and troll instagram), read a spiritual text, meditate, pray, write, work out. Like clockwork, no matter what. I love it.

10. They need to start throwing parties in/at/on:
Abandoned Circuit City by Sunset and Virgil…pretty much any abandoned roller rink/grocery store/mall, really.

11. Which DJ would you challenge to a foot race?
There is a ferocious global crew developing. I know AC Slater, Craze, JDH, Matty Pipes, Mattie Safer, Craig Williams and Steven Rojas all run. Rather than racing them I like running the streets like a pack of wolves. Most of them are faster than me, probably, but I can outlast them for sure.

12. Music you listen to that you should probably be embarrassed by but aren’t?
Recently have been more ‘out’ about my love for Garbage. They were my first favorite band, when I was 13 I was totally obsessed. I love them so much I could puke.

13. An unconventional but still useful piece of advice:
Rather than self discipline (which for me has always come up short, feels like a painful rigid cage or fails utterly), try being a disciple of Love. Try asking yourself,”What would Love do”, in all of your actions and interactions. From washing the dishes to engaging with people you care about (even yourself). In my experience, the results are profound. It is a very challenging way to live, but extraordinarily beautiful.

14. You’ve got one day to take us on a tour anywhere around the world. What city, and where do we go?
NYC rooftops during summertime, between 4 and 7 am.

15. Telekinesis or invisibility?
Telekinesis for sure! I GOT NOTHIN 2 HIDE

16. If you could pie someone in the face, who would it be? What kind of pie?
Whipped creme for the effect. Drake because he looks like he needs some LOLs amiright?

17. Favorite slang word?
Anything that comes out of Jerome LOL or Waldo‘s mouth is pretty amazing.

18. Favorite comic series / tumblr series?
The one where Nic Cage’s face is photoshopped onto animals’ bodies. Also, Acid Jacks also has a tumblr where he screenshots his feedback for DJ promos that is pretty awesome.

19. Best tweet you’ve faved in the last month?
A ‘trapped in the closet’ soundboard (@drpartytime) or a link to a great article on Jerry Seinfeld from the nytimes magazine (@atrak).


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Crywolf releases first single off Ghosts EP for free

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In anticipation for his debut EP on Always Never, out tomorrow April 9th, Crywolf has continued along his recent path of free releases and dropped his first single from the EP for free download on his Soundcloud. The track, entitled “The Moon Is Falling Down”, is a valiant introduction into Crywolf’s EP, showing off the vibe and extension of Crywolf’s production styles. A haunting and soft melody aided by vocals from Charity Lane (who appears on his previous free giveaway, “Silence Pt. II“) drops into a crashing and cascading drop that brings a surprising adrenaline rush to the track.

You can download the track for free below, and pre-order the EP on iTunes by going here.


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