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Hundred Waters – “XTalk”

We’d been expecting something new was forthcoming from Florida’s Hundred Waters after their two recent, unattached-seeming singles, the heart-rendering “Down from the Rafters” and “Cavity,” and now we know for sure -the band will release The Moon Rang Like A Bell via OWSLA next month. You can listen to another new song called “XTalk” now; it puts the band’s knack for dreamy, otherworldly layers and an almost mystical vibe that make the whole thing feel like an auditory hallucination that frontwoman Nicole Miglis is leading you through gently by the hand. Peruse the tracklist below while you listen – you can grab The Moon Rang Like A Bell in a record store starting May 27.

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Listen: Pharrell, Johnny Marr, and Hans Zimmer – “Here”

Yep, you read that title right – superproducer and possible reptilian shapeshifter Pharrell has teamed up with ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr and film score maestro Hans Zimmer to record a collaborative song called “Here” for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. It’s probably the most absurd thing you’ll hear today, with each guy throwing in some of their expertise – Hans’s swelling strings, Pharrell’s moody, crooning vocals, Johnny’s fingerpicked guitar – and the final product sounding like a hodgepodge of all the worst/best lighters-up, karaoke-ready ballads. Check it out, if only for the comedic value.

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Solange covers Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting” at Coachella

Our eternal hero and guiding goddess Kate Bush recently announced her return to the stage after several decades, and fans are coming out of the woodwork to pay tribute and try to grab tickets. One of them – Solange, who brought a cover of Hounds of Love jam “Cloudbusting” to her Coachella set (right after she brought out her sister Beyoncé). A few fans were enterprising enough to grab video – the quality’s not great, so hopefully she breaks it out at weekend two as well, but you get the gist. We vote for “Running Up That Hill” next!

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Check Out: Throwing Shade – “Sweet Tooth”

Nope, we’re not throwing shade on anybody, but we are psyched about the London producer and songwriter Throwing Shade, who’s readying a debut EP called 19 Jewels and teasing us with a video for lead single “Sweet Tooth.” We mean “teasing” in more ways than one, especially if you like great electronic music, hot guys, and ice cream toppings, the three things that take center stage in the video – it’s delicious and gross, like the over-sugared feeling you get after drunkenly going to Friendly’s. Check it out - 19 Jewels is out May 19.


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Listen: Swans – “Oxygen”

We already heard Swans‘ lead To Be Kind single “A Little God in My Hands;” now sample the eight minute “Oxygen,” their second offering. The instrumentals remind us of Tweez-era Slint on crack, with an insistent drumbeat backing up a hypnotic, mesmerizing guitar and bass interplay, but Michael Gira’s demon-summoning, ritualistic yowls are pure Swans. As for that sliding, unzipping guitar riff that kicks in around 2:15… you’ll just have to see. Press play immediately and get evil – remember, you can pick up To Be Kind in a record store starting May 13th. 

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Django Django – “Porpoise Song”

Here’s a last-minute addition to that list of things you’d best keep your eye out for at Record Store Day – Django Django have put together a Late Night Tales session, for which they got Benedict Cumberbatch to do a spoken word thing (!!!) and personally recorded a cover of the Monkees’ “Porpoise Song.” The whole session is still forthcoming, but the band will have 7″ versions of the cover and an instrumental version available for RSD. You can listen to the cover now – it shows off the band’s knack for deep instrumental layers and irresistible melodies. Check it out, and stay tuned for the Late Night Tales recording.

Late Nite Tales – Django Django Tracklist:

01. Leo Kottke – The Tennessee Toad
02. Gulp – Game Love
03. Bob James – Nautilus
04. James Last – Inner City Blues
05. Map Of Africa – Bone
06. Seals & Crofts – Get Closer
07. Philip Glass – Floe
08. The Millennium – To Claudia On Thursday
09. The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up
10. Primal Scream – Carry Me Home
11. Massive Attack – Man Next Door
12. TNGHT – Bugg’n
13. Outkast – Slum Beautiful
14. Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together
15. Roy Davis Jnr – Gabriel
16. Harry Nilsson – Coconut
17. Canned Heat – Poor Moon
18. Ramadanman – Bass Drums
19. Rick Miller – Future Directions
20. Django Django – Porpoise Song (Exclusive The Monkees Cover Version)
21. Benedict Cumberbatch – Flat Of Angles Part 4 (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)

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Album Stream: Future – Honest

Chances are if you have a pulse and are into hip-hop, Future’s Honest has been among your most anticipated releases of 2014. Now thanks to MTV, you can stream most of the record a week in advance of its release – “Special” and “Benz Friends (Watchutola)” aren’t featured for some reason. Still though, sixteen out of eighteen ain’t bad, and try to be pissed off about missing two songs after dude goes hard over that Amadou and Mariam sample on opening track “Look Ahead.” It only gets better from there – check out and grab a physical copy on April 22. Click here to stream.

Listen to “I Won” featuring Kanye West below:

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Listen: New Versions of CHVRCHES’ “The Mother We Share,” “Recover,” and “Gun”

We’re still bumping CHVRCHES‘ 2013 debut The Bones of What You Believe, so we’re psyched that we’ll have some new material to sample when they release a “re-package” edition of the record on April 22. It comes with brand new versions of three songs that are almost more like reinventions – “The Mother We Share,” “Recover,” and “Gun.” You can stream those new versions now via MTV – we’re particularly into this take on “Recover,” which gives Lauren Mayberry’s vocals more of an echo and figures them over a more minimal backdrop. Check it out over at MTV.

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Listen: Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Eurydice”

You may have been thinking wow, it’s a little too soon for an Arcade Fire cover, but nope – it seems Eurydice’s mythos is now concretely part of the indie pop zeitgeist, because the Pains of Being Pure at Heart have dedicated a song to her too, and it’s their next offering from Days of Abandon. “Eurydice” as interpreted by the Pains is a goldmine of guitar-pop nostalgia, with plenty of glimmering, sweeping tones recalling springs and summers past. We sense you’ll be making some new memories to this one though – it’ll make you want to drive in the sunshine with the windows down. Days of Abandon is out May 13.

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mp3: Twin Shadow – “To the Top”

Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr.’s been working on an excellent YouTube-based covers series recently, but we’re glad he’s back to original music too – here’s “To the Top,” recorded at L.A.’s Hollywood Forever Cemetery, that’s reportedly indicative of a new record in the works. If you needed your dose of fist-pumping, emotional ’80s-inspired balladry today, you’ve found it – Lewis goes for the jugular with soaring vocals and instrumentals; you can almost visualize the big hair and backlighting in the music video. It also sounds kind of like a song Haim would do, which makes sense – Lewis is one of the only songwriters currently working who rivals those ladies for their pop-historical voracity. Check it out – and stay tuned for album news. 

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