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Babechella Report: Discoveries at Coachella

The Babe Report: Desert Discoveries for WKND 2


(Welcome back to another killer guest post from none other than Babe in Residence, Miss Victoria Geil herself)

WE 3 BABES made it back alive to Los Angeles out of the desert.  We survived a sandstorm, several marriage proposals, and midnight hikes out of the venue.  We had a marvelous time, so marvelous that I’m finding myself tempted to reappear for Weekend 2 ;D

PRO TIPS must haves: tissue, hand sanitizer, SPF and a scarf (to sit on the ground with and also to cover your face for the dusty walk home).  Leave your headdresses and light toys at home.  Get your kicks painted at the Lacoste party.  Dress comfortably.  HYDRATE.  Put away your phone to save battery – you can’t even refresh your instagram anyway.
If you suffer from FOMO anxiety, just know that there is at least 21 other epic things happening ALL AT THE SAME TIME and there’s nothing you can do about it except to enjoy yourself.  Just know what scene you’re going for – fashion, business, celebrities,  partying, pool hopping, or you know, for the music.  But don’t fret, wherever you go the people watching is guaranteed to be fascinating, the new friends will be fun and you’ll have a ball!
Here’s what I enjoyed (musically) the most from weekend 1…
Pre-Chella – Riding the build up of seeing friends from across the USA, we arrived Thursday evening for extra chill time and to have an easy-going first day.  Here are some of my favorites played by friends that are like family to me.
Donna Summers – Bad Girls (Boys Noise Remix)
I know, it’s embarrassing that I hadn’t heard it. But I love my friends ! X
Flume – On Top Ft. T Shirt

Thanks for sharing this gem Tommy. Flume had a super sick show on Saturday, definitely do not miss it Weekend 2 goers!
Donna Lewis – I love You Always Forever

Ace of Base – I Saw The Sign

A car full of babes cruising means there has to be a couple 90s throwback songs.
Gorgon City – Here For You (feat. Laura Welsh)

Newest track from Gorgon City, brilliant as to be expected.
Chris Issak – Wicked Game (Lane 8 Edit)

Lane 8 is a local Angeleno DJ and Occidental Alumni, who’s blowing up from his great edits.
Lo Fang  - When We’re Fire

Lo Fang certainly is one to keep your eye on! He performs with Lorde along with making his own sweet, sweet sounds. Oh, and he’s beautiful.

Coachella Day 1: Friday

Starting off Day 1 right with the babes, Jacqui & Chanler.
Ellie Goulding – I really liked her outfit, she seems like a very chilled back version of Lady Gaga. She was very on point live, but we were antsy to go roam.
Neko Case –  Walked into her performance of Right Angle, beautiful set.
Broken Bells – I’d never seen them, and have only listened to their tracks in passing, but I was very pleasantly surprised by their amazing live sound.
Bonobo – An absolute dream live. They’re one of the ultimate rock electronic bands, somewhere between Ratatat and Radiohead. Take a listen to “Heaven For The Sinner feat. Erykah Badu” in
BABECHELLA chill vibes if you need musical evidence.
Guest singer – who is she?
Chromeo – you were my first EDM Show at Sasquatch & you make me so happy! Bless you and your talents. A must see if you’ve never experienced him live.
Koodkid – An amazing live performance filled with horns and instruments and self made visuals. He’s the ultimate French medieval goth, so chic.
Flume – As I reiterated with the pre-chella tracks, this is a MUST GO.
The Knife – I’ve wanted to see The Knife live for almost 8 years now. They blew me away and everyone I know who witnessed it. Already polyrhythmic and avant garde, they took their set to the next level with music making choreography, futuristic outfits and a mind-blowing Latin inspired rendition of “We Shared Our Mother’s Health”.
Coachella Day 2: Saturday
Playing at the Lacoste #LiveBeautifully day party (Thank you Dan Regan x)
Lorde – Absolutely on point, absolutely excellent live. One of the best sounds from the entire festival. We will be seeing her around for a very, very long time. Her band mates are amazing as well,  check out Lo Fang from pre-chella to see what I mean. And of course, mega-congratulations to Emma and Jimmy x

DARKSIDE – Nicolas Jaar is like the sexy darth vader of the electronic scene. My good homie Dean put it perfectly when he said the guitarist/other half, Dave Harrington, was like watching Pink Floyd in a club.

Pharrell – Everyone had a smile on for this set. Pharrell once again spreads joy and love with his gifts, helped out by plenty of stunning guest appearances. I ADORE this video of him discussing Happy with Oprah (I dare you not to cry!)
Nas + Jay Z – Using just the basic mic and sound set up, Nas showed the crowd what hip-hop originally was and is supposed to be. Jay-Z said the same things, giving major coos to Nas in-between numbers as a stellar guest performer.
Bonus shout out to the “Sprung Mix” CD – We listened to this CD mix in the limo that swooped us from the exit and kindly drove us home. It was given to BFF and babe/muse/artist Chanler at random in the festival, and ended up being an epic mix of throwbacks that made for a funny surprise to a long desert night.
Coachella Day 3: Sunday
Cooling off Sunday at the Do Lab with these two beautiful mermaids
Etta James – Sunday Kind of Love

Leave it up to a household of cool artisan French men to play a quintessential Sunday jam.
Ill Esha (DJ Set) – Great set at the Do Lab that set the mood for the rest of the day. Thanks for the chill vibes and water mist!
Art Department – Always entrancing since underground Animal Club days back in 2011. The A/C was a nice touch too, thanks Yuma Tent.
Aluna George – One of my most favorite live sets all weekend, so solid and amazingly talented. Her own tracks hold their own to her debut hit with Disclosure “White Noise”. Take a listen to “Kaleidoscope Love” in the first BABECHELLA playlist.
Calvin Harris – I was taken aback about how right the French dudes were about being stoked for Calvin Harris. It was such a fun set!  Was that a guest appearance by Katy G?
Arcade Fire – For an irreplaceable epic final moment,  I found myself hoisted up on sturdy shoulders high above the crowd for “Wake Up”, their theme song for Where The Wild Things Are. I loved their disco ball costume (I’d wear it), but the defining moment was definitely when Debbie Harry from Blondie made a special cameo to sing “Hearts of Glass” with Archade Fire’s endearing Regine Chassagne.
It’s been an absolute pleasure to report back to all you Dirty Dancers.
Here’s to Weekend TWO!


By now you’ve already seen a ton of “DOs & DON’Ts” articles regarding Coachella.  We’re not here to tell you what to do at Coachella.  You know how to party hard without going overboard, so what more do you need to know?  I mean, we do know of one SUPER STEALTH area with a clean indoor bathroom & easy access bar that isn’t VIP…but we ain’t tellin’ where it is.  That one is best to find all on its own.

What we can tell you are things like don’t fret over the Yuma Tent lines.  They might be long at times but they go fast.  The Yuma Tent is twice as big this year and twice as glorious.  Hot Since 82, The Magician, Tiga, Cajmere, Laurent Garnier, BicepYuma Tent delivers all weekend long, so jump in line – it won’t take long.  Also, don’t sleep on the Heineken House: Chela, Human Life (w/Anabel Englund), Anna Lunoe, Flight Facilities & Classixx will all be performing.  Same goes for the Do Lab – there’s plenty to see there like The French Express crew (sans Jonas Rathsman) plus acts like Sweater Beats, Kidnap Kid & many others.  And most of all, GO SEE OUTKAST.  Don’t listen to what people said about them in Weekend 1.  I was there.  Sure the energy level could have been a little higher (from the performers AND the crowd).  And sure their special guests were a bit lackluster.  It didn’t matter.  They still sounded great & the set list was amazing.  I imagine they’ll make a few minor tweaks and be even better in Weekend 2.

OK, here are FIVE BUZZY TUNES that set the desert on fire last weekend & are sure to get you going Weekend 2.  GO FORTH, 2ND WEEKENDERS!

Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

The Gobi Tent could barely contain massive crowd for Flume & once this song played, the tent exploded.

AlunaGeorge – This Is How We Do It

Miss Aluna Francis is a superstar in the making.  She brought some serious desert swervin’ to the Gobi Tent with this one.

GusGus – Crossfade (Maceo Plex Remix)

Maceo Plex played the biggest, baddest Yuma Tent set of the weekend & this track drew countless oohs & ahhs.  Cue the air blasters!

Disclosure x Friend Within – The Mechanism

Excitement levels were high for this track going into Coachella, so who better to drop this bomb on the Yuma Tent than The Magician himself.  The bearded man in the tux played a ballsier set than most expected.  It was non-stop magic.

Oliver Heldens – Gecko

There was a Gecko loose in the Yuma Tent during The Magician’s set & it went WILD.  Just ask our very own BONES.


Beastie Boys – Root Down [Cyclist Disco Mix]

BBoys x Cyclist


It’s not an easy task to take one of the baddest, grittiest, funkiest Beastie Boys tracks of all time & turn it into a balls out/tits out Disco classic.  But, with a bassline that the late, great Mr. Adam Yauch would’ve been proud of, that’s exactly what Cyclist has done with the classic Beastie Boys track “Root Down”.

Never let you down with the stereo sound
Cyclist get on the mix & TURN IT OUT


Clancy – Take It Slow


Clancy continues to thrive as one of House music’s best mood setters.  Whether it’s a one on one exchange with a beautiful stranger on a dark dance floor or a late night drive through the Hollywood Hills, the mood is always elevated when Clancy’s sounds are pulsating through the speakers.  His latest track, “Take It Slow”, is another quality mood setter that gives you a feeling like you’re about to do bad things but makes you end up realizing that making wrong decisions & doing bad things were the right things to do all along.

Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD below & get in the mood…


Ghostea – Still Sippin EP

Ghostea - Still Sippin

Central coast California producer Nathaniel Stevens, aka Ghostea, is a an excellent fit for the Perfect Driver Music crew.  Perfect Driver are on a roll this year with a string of cutting edge, stylish & intelligent releases.  Like their February release of “Got Em” by Lux Groove, Ghostea incorporates a much welcomed Breaks sound into his songs & the result is a refreshing new style that puts Perfect Driver well ahead of the curve.

The “Still Sippin” EP is full of deep, atmospheric breaks & smooth vocals (by Millie Mayz) and still packs a formidable punch.  The “Still Sippin” EP is out now via Perfect Driver Music.


Craig Williams & Charles I – “This Is It” EP

this is it

The collaboration between Craig Williams & Charles I is a pairing of two highly skilled production maestros with great heads of hair.  The two L.A. based producers (Craig by way of Sydney) are craftsmen when it comes to making electronic music.  Each has a diverse style but both have excelled when it comes to producing gritty Electro & after hours Techno.  Craig Williams & Charles I’s new “This Is It” EP lives up to that reputation.  The opening title track is a late night warehouse track with the perfect amount of glossy bass & energetic effects to pump up any 4am crowd.  The peak time track on the EP is “Increase The Doses” driven by its dynamic synth work & scintillating percussion.  The closeout track, “Work”, is a deep Techno workout capped off with brassy Electroclash vocals – a most fitting bookend to this dark, sweaty, super stylish EP.

The production is multi-layered & brilliant, each track is memorable & outstanding and the artwork is badass – THIS IS AN EP NOT TO BE MISSED.  “This Is It” EP is out now via Discobelle Records.


Nikitin – This My Shit [The Beatangers Remix]

this my shit

Sometimes a quick shout out on social media can go a long way.  Yesterday our friends over at Harder Blogger Faster Tweeted four simple words: “This is very good”.  The Tweet was accompanied by a link to The Beatangers remix of “This My Shit” by Nikitin.  And now, here we are posting about it.  If you like a song, say something about it.  The repost button on SoundCloud, a YouTube link on Facebook or a simple Tweet…these things can go a long way.

The remix package for “This My Shit” is a stellar one with remixes by Kolombo, Sammy W & Alex E and L.O.O.P.  The personal stand out for me is The Beatangers remix.  It’s a dirty combination of Indie-Electro & G-House, giving the song a Blog House feel harking back to a sound that mid-2000s Tiga perfected & late-2000s Grum ran away with.

“This My Shit” remix pack is out now via LouLou Records.


Pat Lok – Move Slow [GANZ Remix]

pat lok x ganz

Last month we featured Pat Lok’s new single “Move Slow”, a song that takes seductive sleaze to a whole new level.  ”Move Slow” is classy, trashy, unique and fun.  This time around, Dutch producer GANZ darkens things up on his remix, turning “Move Slow” into a chilling, sexy anthem.

The “Move Slow” remix EP featuring Ganz, SirOJ, WMNSTUDIES, & Jeffrey Jerusalem is out April 4th on BMKLTSCH RCRDS.


The Dirt #151: Stevie Ewald + aRod


It’s another amazing round of hot new tracks courtesy of your boys Stevie Ewald + aRod.  And when we say hot new tracks, we mean it.  All ten tracks in The Dirt #151 are fresh out of the oven.  And the best part?  They’re all free for your taking.  A brand new remix by The Twelves (of The Knocks, no less!)…yeah, that’s in there.  New originals from Cyril Hahn, Gorgon City, Figgy & Cory Enemy?  Those are in there, too.  Plus heaters by our homies Panic Bomber and Huerta, Tchami, and a ridiculous  anthem by Mayhem, Antiserum, Gents & Jawns.

Get’em while they’re hot.

• aRod’s .Zip [5 Tracks, 48MB]
• Stevie’s .zip [5 Tracks, 52.7MB easy]

Stevie Ewald + aRod

The Cure – Just Like Heaven [The Penelopes Remix]

cure x penelopes

As a rock band whose style is heavily influenced by dark, synth-based, big bands of the 80s, it makes perfect sense for The Penelopes to remix their heroes, The Cure.  The Penelopes’ exquisite remix of “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure is so full of sunshine & bounce that even the most pale, sun deprived Goth wouldn’t think twice about putting on their best black swimsuit & frolicking in the sun while dancing to this one.  Don’t forget that SPF 100 & waterproof mascara!

The Penelopes have a big 2014 lined up with a brand new single coming out in mid-April along with an accompanying video & hot remix package.  Can’t wait for that!  Until then, enjoy this heavenly new remix…

The Cure – Just Like Heaven (The Penelopes Remix)