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Well, it appears that I have been abandoned by my fellow resident deejays. Maybe it's time for another change around. Something to get the creative juices flowing again. We shall see!!

ACDC - "Thünderstruck (protohÿpe remix)"

Avïcii & Sebastïen Drums - "Mÿ Feelïngs For You (mnnia Remix)"

Black Sabbath vs Lëd Zeppelïn - "Whöle Lötta Ozzÿ Love (rock mashup)"

Cöbra Starshïp - "Mïddle Fïnger (bïngo players remix)"

Coldplaÿ - "Clöcks (hyperbïts lights öut remix)"

Interview // BEST COAST (2)

photo by David Black
Interview from October 2011 via telephone
Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino is hanging out at home in Los Angeles doing some final writing before going into the studio to begin recording her second LP. It's only been about a year since her debut album Crazy For You was released, and two years since her lo-fi, sun drenched and fuzzed out tracks started permeating into ears. By the blog watch, two years seems like a lifetime; but in terms of palpable success, Cosentino has been using those last two years to steadily climb not only the charts and away from the cat obsessed stoner public image that she herself had built during that time, but also into more rarefied circles of fame and fortune.
It was just the other day that she was rubbing shoulders with Tina Fey and being asked by Tracy Morgan to sing 'Respect' with him. She had a video directed by Drew Barrymore featuring a host of young stars including Chloe Moretz and Donald Glover, and in the witheringly backhanded compliment, has been a notorious target for HipsterRunoff's personal brand of caustic and ironic wit.
On second look, maybe she is in fact, deeper than just cats and weed. In fact, I might be inclined to think that, on one hand, she takes herself very seriously. And on the other, not seriously at all. Perhaps it's more that she takes her position in pop culture seriously, but herself not so much - though perhaps a little more with each HRO post. Cosentino seems cautious in her responses, and at times even defensive. She's frank though, and even speaks at length to explain her intentions and actions. 
Tuesday March 6 2012:
We first interviewed Bethany back in September 2010. I did this interview with Cosentino about a year later in October 2011. With the recent buzz surrounding her new range for Urban Outfitters dropping into stores in May 2012, it seemed an appropriate time to let y'all read the unedited conversation. This cat-and-weed-meme-indie girl with the songs about the everyday tragedy of heartbreak and love set to warm and fuzzy guitar has proven far more than a blip on the radar and doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. To be honest, I prefer Best Coast less when she's talking and more when she's singing. Less meme and more music, I say - and it seems, so does she.

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