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Out of Touch


Nëro feat. Häll & Oatës - "Rëaching Oüt"

Hoäxx - "Lovëtrack (mr. wönks grëen mäsk mix)"

Crüsh Effëct feat. Vokäb Kompäny - "Burn It Döwn"

Fïve Fïnger Dëath Pünch - "Undër & Ovër It (kïll the noïse remix)"

Bitch is Back

Wärren Clärke - "Bïtch Is Bäck (Vocal Mix)"

The New Iberïcan Leägue - Keep On Jumpïn (2elëments Remix)

Eärth Wïnd & Fïre vs House Republïc - "Septëmber 2011 (Richard Grëy Mix)"

Stär Dëluxe - "Freäky Boys (Extended Club Mix)"

MTV CK ONE Brazil // ft Sky Ferreira


There was plenty going on in São Paulo last Tuesday night, amongst which was MTV's CK One Party, featuring none other than CK One poster girl, Sky Ferreira. Open bar aside, I was curious to see Sky in real life. Because even with her fame/notoriety and papp-ability, her music career never really quite happened. Considering her myspace/Michael Jackson hype, her epic record deal signing and the truckloads of money that was thrown at her (and subsequently, squandered by her), the fruits of her talent have yet to appear. Unless you call an oversexualised, over-hyped and eventual flop of a video that looks more like a make-up advertorial, a fruit.
One by Sky Ferreira
Not that a million plus views are anything to be sniffed at; but when at least that much was spent making an album that was never released, the value of it has to be questioned. And not saying either, that Sky isn't a hard worker (I have no idea whether she is or not), or that any of it is her fault.
I'm Just Saying.
Anyway, so the music didn't quite happen for Sky; but fashion on the other hand, has always loved her. And girl sure can work a camera angle, as is evidenced with her burgeoning career as a model allowing her to showcase her music somewhat. But in spite of all that: Sky Ferreira can actually sing. And I was curious to see her in the flesh.
With MTV's gorgeous Gaía Passarelli and DJ duo Database on the decks, as well as Brazil's own Copacabana Club in support, Sky came onstage superbly late. She looked more than a little dead-eyed, though with freshly straightened and possibly touched up roots. She did a few unmemorable songs with an acoustic guitar played by her boyfriend (so I was told) before singing to a backing track a number of songs including the very CK appropriate, 'One'. But she could definitely carry a tune. And work a diva hand. What more does a pretty girl need?
Here are some pics of the sets, first up with Copacabana Club, then Sky:

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The King

Elvïs Presleÿ - "In The Ghettö (Baggï Begovïc & Söul Conspïracy Remix)"

Kïng Junïor - "Suspïcious Mïnds (Sunrïder Mix)"

Kïng Junïor vs Rïcky Rïch - "Jaïlhouse Röck 2k11 (DJs From Märs Club Remix)"


Fergïe - Löndon Brïdge (mïshock exclusïve electrïc remix)

Cë Cë Penïston feat. Joyrïders - "Fïnally (tïger strïpes remix)"

Krïss Kröss feat. Rÿe Rÿe - "Jump (notorïous mashup bootleg)"

Pïnk Floÿd - "Anöther Brïck In The Wäll (relanïum main remix)"

Kiss Me

Exämple - Chänged The Wäy You Kïss Me (Mike Cändys Remix)

Föster the Peöple - "Pümped up kïcks (robbïe rïvera mix)

Bläck feat. Lïl' Wäyne - Thïs Is What Röck N Röll Looks Lïke (Jümp Smökers Extended Mix)