Monthly Archives: September 2011

Thankless Thing

Wild Beasts have announced that their next single from album Smother is to be the exquisitely bittersweet 'Reach A Bit Further', and HURRAH! with this announcement comes a new track! Entitled 'Thankless Thing'; a track that was recorded with long time collaborator and producer, Richard Formby at the start of the Smother sessions.
If you, like me, have been collecting all the B-sides from the previous singles off Smother, the single will be available on the 14th of November via digital download and on limited edition coloured 12” vinyl, together with all the b-sides. You can pre-order it HERE.
But back to this new b-side. 'Thankless Thing' is another beautiful track, loaded with everything I've come to know about Wild Beasts. Simultaneously sensual and spiritual, tender and unforgiving, 'Thankless Thing' is a lovely thing.
- [mp3]

College + Electric Youth + Drive [italo disco]

Saw this over the weekend and was amazed how artfully done this film's action and drama was played out. The soundtrack is phenomenal with title track by Kavinsky, and this gem from College showing up a few times as well. Was telling my wife how few times a movie comes along that really leaves this much of an impression on me.

Hollywood should take note that an action thriller doesn't have to come from the same one production studio, and doesn't have to use the same cookie cutter ploys and tactics to get testosterone junkies in the seats... meh you know what, keep the lunks over in Fast & Furious 7. k.bye.

College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero